When people talk about prices, usually they are referring to a product or a service, or both. I could do the same here, but that’s not how I see my work. What I offer is more than just a product or a list of services. I provide two kinds of experience, which are prepared and customized to surprise you in all levels.

In both, what is invaluable is the feeling of having a team dedicated to provide the best experience possible, thought out having you in mind from beginning to end. I cannot give many details so not to ruin the surprise factor, but I can give you an idea of how you fit in each concept.

Excellence Experience:
You are dynamic and sophisticated. You like agility and efficiency, without compromising in quality. You want the best, and don’t mind breaking a rule or two to get it. You want a straightforward approach. You want an Excellence Experience.

VIP Experience:
You are elegant and distinct. You like refinement in all details, but don’t compromise on pragmatism. You want to be the closest possible of perfection and don’t mind the price to get even closer. You look for an experience that are confortable and exceptional. You want a VIP Experience.



Sessions: Pregnancy / Pre wedding / Personal / Family Price
Excellence Contact
Excellence plus US$ 2,850
VIP Experience Contact
Wedding / Sweet Sixteen Price
Excellence plus US$ 6,150
VIP Experience Contact

* Transportation and stays are not included


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